Hidden Allergies That No One Talks About

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Many people have various health problems in their lives but they never quite figure out the reason for these health problems and quite often, these health problems last for so very long that they do not even think about them too much. Some people have phlegm problems and some have coughs that last for months. Other people get the flu every few months and do not question this because it is the way it has been for as long as they can remember and therefore, they simply assume that it is quite normal and natural to get the flu every so often and even regard this to be “flu season”. The difference is however that other people do not get the flu as often and usually remain illness free for years without ever having to visit a doctor while others go to the doctor so often that they are on a first name basis with their family doctor. We need to question the reasons for these things to occur in some people and not others. A closer inspection at the lifestyles of these people will reveal that the healthier ones have cut out certain food out of their diet while others continue to consume them based on the advertisements and the marketing saying that these particular food types are good for them.

Lactose intolerance

Although in this day and age, dairy reaction is slowly coming in to the light, many people do not realize that their consumption of dairy is the one thing that is causing many of the health issues that they have. In fact, some people do not even regard the problems as health issues because they have had them all of their lives and simply assume these issues are part of who they are.

The truth is that humans were never intended by nature to take in milk protein from cows at all and this substance is specifically designed for cows and cows alone. Humans are mammals themselves and they are only intended to have human breast milk as infants and then, when they are old enough to digest solids, they have no use for any milk at all which is simply infant growth fluid. Yet, due to the excessive advertising and marketing done by the dairy industry, many humans will immediately switch their children to the breast milk of a cow once they no longer produce breast milk themselves. This stoppage is something that is indicative of the fact that the child no longer needs milk.

Hidden Allergies That No One Talks About

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