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The Go Big Wedding Season

Every year towards the beginning of the year or end there comes the biggest wedding season where your friends get married one after another, but somewhere along the line you might get hitched too. Out of blue your boyfriend and you might decide to start a new beginning or give a new meaning to your life. Bingo! There comes the moment you enter the go big wedding season. But weddings are not as easy as you think, pulling it off within a week or two is a nightmare. So, planning it out roughly at least to get an idea to what you need and want at your wedding is important. Which makes it easy for you to cut off unwanted expenditure. This way you save loads and loads of cash and can utilize it for other important needs in your life.

Cost cutting

Cost cutting is a crucial feature you must adapt in a wedding. Just because you got cash to burn doesn’t mean you can spend it blindly on the decorations and food. Make sure to order what your guests would love. As in at least most them. That way you don’t have to throw the remnant. Contact asian buffet catering in your locality and ask them for suggestions as to what kind of food or cuisine can be included as a meal plan for the wedding. For example, if you are planning to have a night wedding you cannot provide your guests with the menu for lunch. The items should vary and people who cook food in great quantities and supply have a better knowledge about it. On the other hand, if you are planning on approaching a few dealers, don’t straight away go to five-star or seven-star hotel. Because they will be over priced and that is something which will make your budget swell a little. Thus, avoid thinking of luxury every time the word wedding comes up. There are many local hotels out there who make excellent food, which are 100% clean and healthy. At least for once give it a shot and trust me all your guests are going to line up asking you for the address of the place you got your food ordered from.


When you say varieties, it is basically the number of cuisines you are planning on having. Just like mentioned before that you need to seek advice from the chiefs at the hotel, you need to have a rough idea about what to get as well. For example, If people are fond of thai restaurant in Sydney menu, there is nothing wrong in adding them in to your menu card.Apart from that, a lot of English people are not fond of spicy food like the Asians, thus make sure you have all these tiny little details covered and communicated in advance so there is something for everyone to eat. However, instead of going for huge portions, count the number of people per family, take your time and then decide the portions.

This is how you plan for the go big wedding season, things have got easy!

The Go Big Wedding Season
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